Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yooper Lock De-Icer

I saw the strangest thing Tuesday morning on my way to work.

As I was getting to the top of Quincy Hill, almost to Peterson's Fish Market, I noticed the tell-tale light that is cast by dancing flames on the snow banks, and tree branches around the fish market.

At first, I thought the worst: "On no, Peterson's Fish Market is on fire!" Well, as I drove by, it all became clear, and I so wish I had a picture of what I saw.

Picture this: A man standing in front of Peterson's Fish Market...with a big tank of propane sitting next to him. In his hands? Why, a long-handled torch that resembled one of those torches you would use to burn the weeds in the cracks in your pavement, or burn a field or ditch in early spring. What's he doing with it?

He's flaming the doorknob to the building.

It was the most 'yooper' thing I've seen up here in a long time. I asked some of my coworkers who have been up here much longer than I have if they've ever seen or heard of anyone de-icing a lock in such a manner. Not a one ever had.

I wish I had gotten a picture.


Kristie said...

LOL... I so wish you would have gotten a picture too... that would have been better than the toilet in my ex-neighbors yard!!! Hehe!!

Also, really cute beer poetry!


Jason Poll said...

You mean not everyone has a toilet in their front yard?

Oh wait, I'm thinking cars on cinder blocks. (That may be a yooper-thing as well. ;))

I was partial to the homebrew Christmas carole because I'm a geek like that. :) It was posted to the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) mailing list that I evidentally got subscribed to when I received an AHA membership as a Christmas gift...and all I wanted out of the membership was the magazine! Bonus material! Yippee!

Err, anyway, I digress, nice to hear from you Kristie! Thanks!