Thursday, February 10, 2005

Snap-Crackle-Pop (NOT) Rice Crispies!

Well, I finally broke down and went and saw a chiropractor.

For over a week now, just sitting here working all day has caused the musles in the back of my neck to knot up tight/stiff, along with the occasional burning sensation. It was driving me nuts. It was giving me the worst headaches. With the family sinus problems, I'm no stranger to sinus headaches, and these aren't sinus headaches. Almost migraine like. Quite literally a pain in the neck/head.

Usually, when I have a bad headache of any sort, and the meds just aren't helping much, I always get relief from a good nights sleep.

Not anymore.

In fact, seemingly by the luck of the draw, I could wake up with a sore neck, and a fresh headache starting to soak itself in. Heather suggested I either go to the doctor, or "Doctor Dave" (the local chiropractor that everyone swears by.) Well, Doctor Dave wouldn't take a new patient, so I went to this Doc. Peterson, Chiro-back-crack-ologist and Nutritionalist.

Well, he snap-crackle-popped me, and TADA! I feel a bit better! There's inflamation in the joints (that was there BEFORE the rice-crispy-action,) that will take some time, and ice, to settle down, but for now, I'm feeling a ton better! WOOO!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the bone cracker is doing you some good. Try those "stick to you" ice coolers I got for you and see if they help with the inflamation while at work. Does the doc say why he thinks there is inflamation?

BTW, thanks for the totally awesome C-mas gift! I totally enjoyed it!

Love MOM

Jason Poll said...

The inflamation is simply because the joints that are causing the problem are enflamed because they're stuck, and not moving, and then *CRACK* they're moving. It's temporary. In fact, it's really not bugging me.

I wish we could have done more for Christmas gifts. OH CRAP! You forgot the one gift that's in the garage! GRRR! Well...I guess it'll be there for later. :)

Anonymous said...

ah yes, the one in the garage....I remembered it last night, when I discovered the one small part of it I had taken home in my sewing I'd remember the rest of it...doh....! 8-D

I'll pick it up next time I make it up for a visit. Kiss the family and give 'em a hug for me!
Love you, Mom

Mike Poll said...

Glad you are doing better, Be carful though. I was seeing a chiropractor ragularly and my back started getting worse! It really hurt my lower back after awhile. After I quit going, I felt better.

Cousin Mike