Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Optimus keyboard

Optimus keyboard

Now this is a pretty cool keyboard! Every key is a tiny LCD screen, and you can display whatever you want on each key.

That's definitely geeky. But I've got a couple problems. I loves me my Microsoft Natural keyboard (the _ORIGINAL_, none of these new ones w/ screwed up arrow and insert/delete/pgup/pgdown key layouts, or with 30 extra shortcut buttons.) Why don't any of these cool keyboards that I'd actually want ever come in ergo-configurations? My only other problem with this keyboard would be that I know I wouldn't use the LCD keys for legit purposes. I'd end up with naughty pictures all over my keyboard or some other useless configuration. :)

Oh, I guess I implied that there are other 'cool' keyboards out there, eh? Here's a few, just from ThinkGeek:
Das Keyboard.
Maltron Super Ergo KB.
EluminX KB.
Rool-Up KB

and my favorite that I would LOVE to try for at least a month:
The TouchStream LP Zero-Force no-physical-keys, gesture-enabled/compatible keyboard. *drrooooool*


Kellia said...

That last key board with all the gestures for everything is pretty sweet! Can you not get that for work? I like the one that folds up and is flexible, and it's only ~$25. Cool!

Jason Poll said...

Well, no, I can't get it. For a couple reasons. First, it's not produced anymore. And when it was, it was some ridiculous price, like $300 or something. Then, what if I didn't like it???