Wednesday, September 07, 2005

WinAmp 5.1 'Surround Edition'

I just grabbed the latest-n-greatest version of WinAmp because I heard a rumor that it has Podcast support somehow built into the Media Library.

I download it.

I install it.

I fire it up.

It has the usual 'WinAmp WINAMP really WHIPS the llamas ass' sample MP3 queued up, as well as a second MP3 that came with the download.

I hit play. It plays, it whips the llama, and prompty crashes.

I fire WinAmp up a second time. Try it again. Yup. That MP3 kills winamp. How neat! I fire it up AGAIN and try playing the other MP3 -- as the song ends, it crashes WinAmp! Any song ending crashes WinAmp. How nice! :D

I did a bit of searching, and discovered that I wasn't the only one with this problem!

Someone suggested disabling the new Predixis MusicMix (or whatever it's called) plugin. I disabled it, and tada! No crashing!

Bad Predixis plugin...BAD!

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