Thursday, August 17, 2006

Classical Music Remixes

I'm in no way a music aficionado, and I have very specific likes and dislikes. Sometimes I like certain songs by a certain band, but really dislike the majority of other music in the same genre. It's weird.

One type of music I like almost 100% across the board is classical. I'm not a huge fan of overly-chamber-ish classical, and I don't really go outta my way to listen to classical. It's just decent background music. (No vocals == good background noise as far as I'm concerned.)

Now, remixed classical? I really like that. Check out this YouTube video for an example:

I'd really like to hear more remixes by this guy. Does anybody have any leads?

UPDATE: I found this YouTube vid because of, click here to digg-it. In the comments, someone has a link to JerryC's website. (I thought it was JerryL.). Anyway:

JerryC (mostly-English)

Collection of all his vides.

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Susan Poll said...

maybe this guy has a myspace place?