Thursday, December 21, 2006

Does Granholm Live In Michigan?

What's wrong with this picture?

This is a postcard a coworker received from our freshly re-elected governor.

I like the attempt to include us yoopers. Unfortunately, well, I dunno. I've lived here a while, and something just doesn't seem right. Let's consult maps of Michigan at Google Images. (Go look.)

What really thrills my coworker is the shear number of hands this photo must have gone through before getting printed and *NOBODY* noticed it. Show anyone here in the U.P. this picture and they catch what's wrong instantly.

Now, I wasn't impressed with either candidate in this last election, but, well, who the heck is representing us?

UPDATE: I got a better copy of the picture...

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James said...

That's if someone could just come up with a good priceless parody to fit with it :)

Nick said...

I'd go with a scanner next time :D

Jason Poll said...


"She's just the governor, what does she need to know about geography?"