Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh wowwwww...

Ok, in this day in age, it's difficult to make me so awe-struck that my jaw hits the floor. Well, I finally got around to checking out the Tech Preview of Microsoft Live Labs' Photosynth, and let me tell you, my jaw is still on the floor. Totally awesome technology.

I'm going to give you guys two links, one that will take you to a MS Live Labs blog post containing a video of a guy at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference in Monterey, California explaining a couple of new MS-acquired technologies. Photosynth is included. Find that post here.

Then, go and install and try Photosynth yourself. You will need to install the browser plugin to use it.


xamox said...

sadly my OS isn't m$ based, so I will have to stick to flash and google street view. M$ better hope google doesn't API that shit and someone bust out a mash-up (like flickr with geo tags).

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xamox said...

I played with photosynth a little bit. Pretty cool, reminds me of minority report.

Jason Poll said...

Yeah, it's pretty cool, eh? I want to use it with a multitouch/MS-Surface type of interface.

Sorry for 'forcing' you out of your non-M-Dollar world...sucker.