Tuesday, March 11, 2008


For the three of you who read my blog, and the two of you who subscribe to this blog's RSS feed, I'm here to say you may want to also sub to my tumblr feed.

Actually, you may want to sub to that and unsub from this because the tumblr feed aggregates this blog feed. It's up to you I guess.

Why tumblr? Because I'm not cool enough for twitter, and honestly, I like the extra content-type features tumblr offers. My primary reason for creating a tumblr account is because I have my Google Reader Shared Items feed, (shown at right, and also aggregated by my tumblr feed,) but I've ran into a lot of things that aren't on a feed and thusly can't be easily 'shared'.

So, that's yoopergeek.tumblr.com, and it's RSS feed.


Anonymous said...

*cough* trendwhore *cough*

Nah, j/k. Use twitter because it's the original gangster.

Jason Poll said...

pshhaaw! I know you're just joking, but shall we see what google has to say when we google for 'xamox'?

Personal blog
IMVU - WTF? That's not you, is it?
...the list goes on and on.

Who's the trend whore now? ;)

To tell the truth, I had shied away from setting up a tumblr account for a long time...figured I had

I recently got a subscription to MAKE magazine, and I was reading through the archives and there was something I thought I just had to share...I broke down and created a tumblr account.

Oh, and hey, did you know you're a stock ticker?