Sunday, July 20, 2008

Panographic Play using Autostitch

I've been playing with Autostitch for a while now. It's a proprietary, but free, tool for automatically stitching and blending photographs together into panographic mosaics.

For any of these pictures, click them and go download the original to see the full-size stitch.

Here's a link to the entire album:
Stitched Panographic Photos

Here's a few from the album:

This is the bridge over the Eagle River in Eagle River. Any family members recognize this stitch from the family blog? This is the raw stitch before cropping and editing.

Here's a shot from Winter Carnival 2008. This is the delt-sigs statue. Again, download the original full-size image and check out the detail. :) (This could use some contrast-adjusting...)

This is the lower Hungaria falls. This was a simple three-photo stitch. I had to rotate the pictures 90 degrees before stitching.

This is the spring 2008 run-off on the Tioga River in between Houghton and Marquette at a roadside park. It's just outside of Alberta by a few miles. I had photos to go in the bottom left of the photo, but autostitch didn't include them in the stitch for whatever reason.

This is another of the Tioga river.

There's more in the album, so click-through to see them all.

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